Cartoon Network Racing (NDS)
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Cartoon Network Racing - NDS Cheats and Codes

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- Dexter's Rival
Be victorious in the second cup in Championship mode to unlock the first cartoon, Dexter's Rival.

- Activate Cheats
Enter 'GIMMIE' as a code to unlock all bonuses.

- Infinite Du
mb Rockets

Enter 'ROCKETMAN' as a code.

- Infinite Superpower energy
Enter 'SPINACH' as a code.

- Speedy mode
Enter 'AAARGH' as a code. This will activate all hazards and pick-ups in Time Trial mode.

- Stone Dumb Rockets
Enter 'STONEME' as a code. Shoot a Rocket to fire a stone block that can turn other players to stone.

- Overhead view
Enter 'IMACOPTER' as a code.